Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guyana’s press is freer than some G8 countries

A few days ago, the prestigious international organisation, Reporters Without Borders, published their annual report which ranks countries for their adherence to press freedom, or lack thereof.

Guyana is ranked 39 out of 175 countries surveyed, moving up from the 88th position last year. This represents an upward jump of 49 places. What is interesting is that, by being ranked at position 39 this year, Guyana’s press is freer than that of two notable countries - France and Italy.

These two countries are members of the elite league of rich nations - the G8. The other members are Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Russia.

This group can be considered as the major contributor of funds used for international aid and as the bastion of democracy. Democracy and the adherence to democratic principles are the hallmarks of this group’s individual and international policies. The United States especially, is seen as the leader and defender of the free world.

The fact that the report rated Guyana so high, speak volumes for this country’s adherence to the principles of press freedom. The fact that the donor countries, including those in the G8, continue to provide assistance to Guyana, speak volumes for its adherence to democracy and democratic principles.

The fact that Guyana ranked higher than Italy and France, speak volumes for the commitment to democracy by the government and the PPP. Is it therefore a coincidence that the report in question was ignored by a vast majority of the media houses alluded to? Is it a coincidence that it was not given prominence by the two that reported on it? Just an observation.


  1. This is to show that our Guyana has been eminent in its political system, leading our country at 39th space higher than France and Italy. These are well developed countries; so imagine the dedication to the principles of democracy that our government imparts to meet at this point. Now, Guyana would have an improved frontier for Press Freedom.

  2. This is quite an indictment against France especially, since it's a country that Prides itself in being liberal and free. Now we see they are monitoring people's dress muzzling the French, what was the point then of the French Revolution? These are countries that portray themselves as the bastions of democracy, well so much for that democracy or should I say demockery.