Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scenes from the Benschop Saga Today

Benschop's Lawyer Nigel Huges and an entourage of anti-government media operatives surround head of the NFMU Valmiki Singh in an effort to delay the search operation

Police break open Benschop's door after his refusal to allow them inside

Benschop sought to block the path, and even assaulted law enforcement officers carrying out their court directed duty.

Benschop's home. How lavish for a man who just got out of prison. Notice his SUV parked on the bridge. Persons speculated as to how he came about such a vast amount of wealth.


  1. Look at this idiot; it’s about time again that he placed behind bars. Well it goes to show how much he misses the buggering left, right and center, because he couldn’t get it like that from Freddie. And the government even upgraded the facilities in prison for him, this man should count his blessings but I guess he would never learn.

  2. Illegal drugs and transmitting devices paying off man. Look at that mansion Benchop through up deh!