Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is the marginalization? Corbin admits that people too busy wukking to protest!

John Da Silva: “People are working”, said Mr. Robert Corbin, Leader of the Opposition and of the main opposition party, the People’s National Congress Reform, and this sounded good coming from him.
“At this time of day, people are working”, he told the media to explain the low turn out at his protest exercises.
So it appears that some good things have been happening during the 17 years of the PPP/Civic government.
Note that the statement wasn’t made by any PPP/C ‘propagandists’ or ‘spin doctors’.
I wonder if those who are stridently criticising the claims by PPP/C supporters that good things have happened during their tenure so far, will accept what Mr. Corbin has said or will they also criticise him.


  1. Everyone/anyone with an iota of common sense would know that the marginalization claims were unfounded and baseless. Now it seems that Corbin is willing to accept this fact after all these years. It seems all is not lost after all for this people to mature. It's better late than never.

  2. Policies are formulated and major appointments are made with the involvement of all stakeholders. The reformed constitution has now provided a role for Opposition and other stakeholders in the decision making process at the level of the National Assembly.

  3. Guess Corbin ran out of money to pay the homeless to stand andprotest against the Government. He wants working people to do it for free.