Thursday, October 29, 2009

Freddie needs urgent treatment.

Ralph Ramkarran: KLEPTOMANIA is compulsive stealing. Where a person steals persistently over a period of time when there is no apparent reason to do so, then the person can be deemed a kleptomaniac.

Where, for example, an article can be lawfully rented, hired or borrowed but a person chooses instead to steal the article, even though the person has no permanent use for it, then that can be a sign of kleptomania.

It is a mental disorder. Where the stealing starts from a young age and persists into adulthood, particularly in relation to a specific type of article, and then the person justifies it, one can be certain that one is dealing with a confirmed, determined and unrepentant kleptomaniac.

Whenever that person is around, then steps should be taken to protect goods with which the kleptomaniac has an affinity.

Such a person is in need of professional help because even if exposed, the person will not stop.

In fact, the person cannot stop. When the opportunity presents itself and the person is in the presence of the object of his/her fantasy or fetish, whatever the case, and the person thinks that no one is looking, he/she will swipe the article, especially if it is small enough to be secreted on the person’s body. Read more....


  1. Positive is the result, your habits passes the criteria of KLEPTOMANIA. So I believe the mad house is where you ought to be because counseling would not do any good. kleptomaniac!!

  2. He also seeks urgent counselling for the dangerous use of matches. He has been placed with the name "fire bandit" due to his habitual stealing of books and the lighting of fires in the University of Guyana and many other places.