Friday, October 30, 2009

Benschop supporters in full swing!

Notice how quickly Benschop's surrogates have already began casting doubts on the search operation which unearthed an illegal transmitting device at Benschop's home. They have gone on full swing. Twitter, Prime News, Guyana Observer News, Stabroek News, Facebook et al.

Also during the police operation yesterday, bus loads of people from Albouystown, Tiger Bay, West Ruimveldt and Sophia were transported to the scene in an effort to undermine the search operation.


  1. You mean the PNC has once again resorted to contract the hooligan branch. Benschop has long been in breach of the law with his illegal transmission, which has led to his well orchestrated campaign against kwame McCoy. It's about time he spend so more time in jail.

  2. He did it again boys!
    Benchop struck again, caught with an illegal transmitting device at his home???

    Out of all places his home, hmmm God knows what more is in there and where else he's hiding stuff...