Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Spin Doctors

AFC spinners hard at work
PLEASE permit me to respond to a number of letter writers and others who have criticised my letter – “Contrary to what the newspapers report, Guyana is on the move” (Stabroek News, Oct. 6). That letter elicited number of responses. Some were interesting, and some posed good questions. Regrettably, most were caught up in the usual uninformed nonsense that dominates the letter sections of Guyanese newspapers. I will carry out this conversation with those who are truly keen on having an open discussion. The others can carry on.

I want to specifically respond to one, Emile Mervin, who writes more than he reads. If he does not already know, that is not a good thing. Emile wants to know where I have been “…since Dr. Jagan died and Guyanese at home and abroad have been engaging each other and government officials in the letters (sic) columns of the local dailies?” (Staborek News, Oct 12). Hello? I have written over one hundred articles and letters in the Guyanese press, most of which were debated. One of the peeping toms from Kaieteur News in fact called me the leading intellectual of the PPP as far back as 2006. It goes without saying that I do not deserve that honour. Last April I published an article in Caribbean News Net that got in excess of 38,000 ‘reads’.

I am also responding to this man because he made a number of statements in his letter that are indicative of the worst excesses of uniformed commentators. Emile says that I have some personal motives. What are they sir? Name them and provide the evidence when you do. Emile reminds me of Anan Boodram who claimed I must have only read about Dr. Jagan, and that I did not ‘struggle.’ Mr. Boodram does not know that Dr. Jagan was the first person I interviewed for my doctoral dissertation. That was December of 1990. The same Aanan Boodram, who is actually quite a smart guy, accused me of being a spin doctor! Aanan is a medium fast operator for the AFC! He specializes in no-balls.

Emile’s most outrageous off-cutter is that I was brought back here to help advance a third term for President Jagdeo. The President has repeatedly said that he is not interested in a third term no matter how many Guyanese may want that to happen. What more do you want? Further, have you ever seen me fronting a third term for President Jagdeo? Provide the evidence.

Despite Emile Mervin’s obvious flights of fantasy I must agree with him (and others) about the electricity situation. I am peeved at it and I do not have to hide and say so. I am saying here in the Guyana Chronicle. My October 6 letter also stated that relief is in sight for the Georgetown area. GPL has since said that the new generators will be up and running by early November.

Incidentally Mr. Editor, I noticed that not one of those who responded mentioned anything about the health care numbers and information I provided. Guess why? They know that Guyana has made great strides in that sector. Come to think of it, someone from Toronto did offer some spin on the health development. He stated that you have to wait for hours at Georgetown Hospital. I invite him to use a timer the next time he goes to the hospital at Jane and Finch. Don’t forget to let me know how long you waited. Make sure you also inform Mike Persaud, Balwant Persaud, Malcom Harripaul, and Emile Mervin.

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  1. Mr. Mervin in his usual anti-PPP outpourings that have no basis. Dr. Persaud is right on the ball. one should Think for a moment about the PPP/C record over these last 17years amid a PNC legacy of economic failures and the absence of fundamental human rights.