Friday, October 2, 2009

These "bugga-batty" people real brave!

Rights of the Child Commissioner & known homosexual,
Vidyaratha Kissoon

What the f@ck!!!!
Is two anti-men deh got on the Rights of the Child Commission?
And dis particular one asking "Where is the sexual offences law?"!
Isn't Buggery considered to be against our sexual offenses laws? Or is Vidyawattie trying to seh dat she don't bugga?

Well it is:

Criminal Law (Offences) Act Section 352 - Committing acts of gross indecency with male person:

“Any male person, who in public
or private, commits, or is a party to the commission, or procures or
attempts to procure the commission, by any male person, of an act of
gross indecency with any other male person shall be guilty of misdemeanour
and liable to imprisonment for two years.”

Section 353 - Attempt to commit unnatural offences:

“Everyone who -

(a) attempts to commit buggery; or
(b) assaults any person with the intention to commit buggery; or
(c) being a male, indecently assaults any other male person, shall be guilty of felony and liable to imprisonment for ten years.”

Section 354 – Buggery:

“Everyone who commits buggery, either with a human being or with any other living creature, shall be guilty of felony and be liable to imprisonment for life.”


  1. Vidya was a known anti man a long time now, he has extensively to support buggering. He is even part of SASOD the group that is calling for legaliazing of buggery. At UNDP where he works he openly advocates his lifestyle. People should ask him why he is in company of the faggots who hang out at oasis.

  2. wow, what century are allyou in? in case you haven't heard, it's the 21st!!! Get over it. What his sexual orientation haf to do wid he work to protect dem wimmin n picknie from abuse? What have you done, nah??? Is this blog helpin to stop de abuse or perpetrate it? an why you all so scared of a l'il auntie-man? scared you might like it??? skunt.

  3. eh eh boi you is scared to publish critical comments ?

  4. Roland! Based on your comments I recommend that you be sent to Pole-land! No one is scared of you bugga-batty people. We are merely highlighting the contradictions in Vidya-wattie's stance in calling for the laws to be up-held when he/she herself/himself is guilty of breaking our laws too!

  5. wait parrot, like the fag bugger you and tell ppl? that would explain why you are trying to embarrass the gay man... what about kwame,BUGdeo,lumumba,manny-like-to-ram-BUGdeo and the whole ah dem batty bowys in your camp? suck donkey cock allyuh fucking na care if you dont publish me least yuh suck-cock self read um...reply to me like how you reply to roland...i dare you,yuh fucking stinking wornout batty homo...fuck you

  6. The comments above by Mr Objective, him/herself a surrogate of Vidyawattie, are the putrid out-pourings of a homosexual mind.

    This in itself highlights the contemptuousness in these Faggots. Their 'few' would like to foist their unholy way of living on the entire Guyanese society.

    But allyuh lie! Is gas and bombs for you bugga-batties!

  7. hahaha, the fag parrot feather get plucked... punk ass dont mek any move along bird..go in the nest with your faggot comrades dem at freedumb bugger house... where did i condone battybusiness or where did i imply that i would like to 'foist their unholy way of living ...'''? come betta pussy

  8. Lady you sound insecure! I dunno what's the reason behind your obsession with Freedom House and Bugga........maybe you wanna be buggered at Freedom House or ya wan Freedom House to bugga you!

    Which one is it?

  9. Very nice conversation, sweet!