Friday, October 30, 2009

Corbin refuses to hand over his lifetime's work to the police!

Investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) visited the Office of Opposition Leader Robert Corbin twice in the past week seeking information on persons allegedly killed by drug trafficker Roger Khan.

PNCR MP Africo Selman yesterday said the CID officers requested a copy of the list of persons allegedly killed by Khan, as part of what is believed to be the special probe by police into murders allegedly committed by gangs controlled by Khan and now dead fugitive Rondell `Fineman’ Rawlins, among others.

She said he would provide the police with a list containing the names of four hundred and fifty citizens who were shot to death, unlawfully tortured and killed or died in suspicious circumstances between the period 1993 and 2009.

Parrot's Note: Notice how this list keeps growing and its dynamics changing with the tide? From 200 "Men" to 200 "Black Men", now to 450 "Citizens" For the past eight years this is what Corbin has done…taking down names of people were murdered.

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  1. Corbin's lifetime work should include the raping of Hanoman's daughter. It should include also include the looting and burning of Regent Street. Further it should also the deaths of the hundreds of innocents gunned down and raped.