Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Benschop to benefit from new hot and cold vaporised bath system at Brickdam Lock-ups!

With a mere four weeks into its rehabilitation, the Brickdam Lockups is already showing evidence of the massive transformation that is intended to substantially improve the environment of those being accommodated by the state.
Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, told media operatives yesterday that the rehabilitation works are being funded through a budgetary allocation of more than $20 M to his Ministry.
“The renovation on this lockup is long overdue…Thanks to the Ministry of Finance and Cabinet, I finally have got the resources to address this matter,” Rohee noted.

A section of the Brickdam lockups

A section of the Brickdam lockups

It has been on repeated occasions that persons who for one reason or another graced the inner walls of the facility returned to the outside world only to share a horrific tale of inhumane conditions at the lockups.
Moreover, it has been a known fact that ghastly scents were a regular feature when one passed the lockups. But according to the Minister the rehabilitation works did not stem from public criticism.
However, with the commencement of the works there has been a vast improvement, which this newspaper was able to verify yesterday.
As part of the rehabilitation plan we observed that the 15-cell facility has already been affixed with attractive floor tiles. The holding area will be similarly tiled.
Each cell will have its own ablution area and inmates will benefit from a hot and cold vaporised bath system perhaps intended to induce a relaxing atmosphere.

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  1. Instead of being in a prison de bais might think that they are at some world class health spa. The 15 cell facility is more than enough to jail all of dem criminals in de AFC and de PNC