Thursday, October 22, 2009

How ironic Freddie labels this government a dictatorship

IT seems Freddie has once again landed himself in hot water for attempting to cloud the facts while simultaneously presenting lies and half truths. The issue in question is his theft of literature from the national library. This is a criminal act which Freddie perpetrated ages ago, he acknowledged the act but is seemingly unrepentant for it.

In fact it seems that he has developed a fan base, some labeling him a role model for youngsters, would they have done the same if he had done that at one of the Ivy leagues? The fact is, theft was committed regardless of the motive and this is what ought to be understood; no one should justify theft.

So Freddie in his usual style of attacking the messenger instead of the message took umbrage at what Mr. Hemraj Muniram wrote regarding this act. In turn Freddie took offence and started to denigrate Mr. Munniram personally, suggesting among other things that he was a homosexual.

Mr. Munniram debunked everything in Freddie’s response, and be sure that Freddie is not done here. In fact he has threatened to sue Stabroek News for publishing Mr. Munniram’s letter, how ironic the very Freddie Kissoon who labels this government an elected dictatorship is now trying to muzzle the press.

I guess the hens have come home to roost.


Reference Source - Chronicle


  1. Freddie not done here? He can live in self-denial as he pleases. But I hear more people are coming forward soon with hard evidence of Freddie's thiefing ways. Let him sue. He will sue himself into the slammer. And the real kissing and buggering will begin!

  2. Freddie wants to have his cake and eat it too

  3. Freddie has always been an ignorant person growing up; he stole to educate himself and greed’s off development. He supports the opposition in saying that the Government of Guyana isn’t doing anything to benefit Guyana nor him, so I ask where then is UG getting the money to pay his sorry @$$!!!

  4. Freddie developed himself off the wrong moral principle in life, i wonder if this is what he lectures up UG, dont bother with the law its null and void,there are no convictions for wrong doing, do what you want you cant be caught. Guess what Freddie, you are wrong and its time to take your stand and be punished accordingly. Remember secrets aren't hidden for long. i wonder what next you have been hiding.