Saturday, October 3, 2009

On PPP house lots!

Sheila needs to take that cock out of her damn mouth as according to Irfan the PPP/C had to go through the same application process that all other parties interested in obtaining a house lot have to go through.

Further, the PPP/C received the three parcels of land by way of transport from the Government of Guyana to the [PPP/C] lots 153, 154 and 155 in Bath Village. The advertisements for the passing of the transports for these house lots were published in the Official Gazette of August 1, 2009 as numbers 17, 18 and 19 for the County of Berbice.

Now tell us Sheila if the PPP had anything to hide would they have gone through the normal process?
Would it be published in the Official Gazette?

Having nothing better to offer the Guyanese people the Sheila and her fellow prostitutes are scraping official government publications for grievances and propaganda.

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