Monday, October 5, 2009

Gossip wih the Disjointed Opposition Political Parties!

In a TV programme aired recently on HBTV Channel 9 and hosted by Christopher Ram, Opposition leader Robert Corbin and some of his fellow colleagues spoke at length on the issue surrounding the allegations of Roger Khan being responsible for deaths of over 200 persons.

"200 persons" was later changed to "200 Black men" and on this instance "200 young persons" by the PNC and other members of the Opposition. Noticeable however, is the absence of any Indo-Guyanese member of the opposition, except the moderator. And no mention what-so-ever was made of the hundreds of Indo-Guyanese victims of the Buxton/Agricola gunmen.

Corbin did state that he had personally handed a copy of a sworn affidavit made by self-confessed informant, George Bacchus, attesting to impropriety on the part of the then Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj, to then Police Commissioner Winston Felix and despite this nothing was ever done.
However, he did not say that George Bacchus was video taped denying all allegations he made publicly against the Hon. Minister and was also deemed a non-credible witness by the Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigation the allegations as a result.

Now dead PNC activist Ronald Waddell was also praised despite the fact that an informant in the Simels trial, Selwyn Vaughn alleged that Waddell had worked closely with the Buxton/Agricola gunmen and was therefore responsible indirectly for the deaths of hundreds of Indo-Guyanese killed at the hands of the Buxton/Agricola "Freedom Fighters" in a similar manner that such allegations are being leveled against the current Minister of Health.

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