Thursday, October 29, 2009

Benschop in trouble again! This time he's caught with illegal transmitting device!

Police ranks accompanied by the head of the NFMU and a search warrant this evening conducted a such on the home of treason accused Mark Benschop before he was arrested after they found what is said to be an illegal transmitting device. The raid stemmed from reports aired on the internet, including blog sites associated with Benschop, that he was broadcasting on an illegal frequency.


  1. Gosh, Illegal transmitting device now, i wonder what is next? this jack ass is so darn stupid that he would never learn, I don’t know why he don’t do something constructive with he life, its like a waste of life.

  2. Exactly, There is a lot that people can take, but sometime it becomes overbearing and this is a fact that rational people do rational things, behave rationally. Benschop it the total opposite that why he deserved what he got and what is in store for him when he reaches Camp Street Prison, well he lucky because he gone be in comfort. An obstruction and demoralization to society that is him, next time he should bear in mind and take reference to the law before he go and do shit because like he ain’t want a break from those steel bars.

  3. Behind bars and strict surveillance is the only thing that would keep Benchop from being the ass he is.

    Ohh come on Ben wasn't five years enough for you??
    You miss that place so much you would do anything to get back in huh??

    I guess A.Reteymyer and Sharda Dasrat would have to take up the job in posting your propaganda now!!!