Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mark Benschop among protesting prisoners at Camp Street Jail.

Ah wonda if Benschop wan a copy of dis picture?


  1. Benschop was charged for treason, in some countries this is an offense punishable with death, yet he was pardoned by this Government. Benschop was the one with the loud haler urging the mob to storm the Office of the President, one from his flock was killed, in addition he was also the person who video taped the now infamous Andrew Douglas of 2002 jail break fame where he called the murderous rampage by the escapees "African Liberation and resistance"
    Benschop was incarcerated where his manhood was lost and he subsequently lost his wife. Now he is doing what he does best, protest!

  2. Benchop looks good there.
    You know as they say "birds of a feather flock together".

    Benchop's attention is mostly based on politics and not his wife. lately he has been emphasizing alot on High Male positions. First the President, Ramsammy, Robert, Kwame now Bishop Juan Edghill...

    Can it be that Benchop pulling on the opposition side of the rope???