Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freddie gets another mauling!

T. King: MY response to Freddie Kissoon' captioned "How does Mr. Jagdeo feel about this? KN Sunday Oct -04- 09 is that he is proving more and more on a constant and daily basis how doltish he is.

I will now pose one simple question for the high and mighty Freddie Kissoon to answer.

Can he show any one where T. King ever highlighted a single achievement of President Jagdeo?

I bet he can't and won’t be able to show any such thing in my writings.

So what he does instead?

He reverts to calling people names like "Jumbies" because they oppose his daily trash.

Well Freddie that is ok with me and many like me to be referred to as “Jumbies.”

I am an unseen "Jumbie" where no one is afraid of me unlike him who can hurt a lot of people with his constant daily trash talk.

You see, the seen "Jumbies" are the ones who on a daily basis just trash talk for talk sake.

Are you not the "Seen Jumbie" that is calling the PPP and its President an "Elected Dictatorship"?

I just pointed out to him where an Elected Dictatorship worked wonders for the tens of thousands of Guyanese as opposed to the installed and unconstitutional dictatorships.

Now he is vexed so he calls others "Jumbies".

He must first learn to read and understand what he is reading before he responds.

You are never too old to learn Freddie.

You are not supposed to get vex when others point out your dotish contentions.
Take it like the big man you are.


  1. This new opposition of which Freddie is part and parcel of wears a snarling ‘fringe’ characteristic that today has ubiquitously, but superficially, decked the halls of Guyana’s politics, preaching the imminent coming of doomsday, should the PPP/Civic’s reign graduate into longevity. Freddie probably want to go back to the Burnham days when he was kicked out of UG.

  2. good job faggot or parrot,whatever,now you can go to freedumb house for your stale pholurie, with spoli sour, 2 hard roti and some crappo curry for your job here on this blog(?).and dont fugget fuh collect yuh quarter bottle of white rum..

  3. Kwame/Mr Objective or what ever you call yourself.......piss off!

    Lady......you propa like buse nuh?