Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gerhard Ramsaroop and Tarron Khemraj are part of the GINA ghostwriters club-Freddie Kissoon!

" This same journalist asked me if I know about a pro-government discussion forum on the internet that has taken the same name as GINA. About a year back, I heard about GINA and went to look at it. I later discovered that GINA, the discussion forum, is run by GINA, the Guyana Government agency. What is the point? The fictitious letter writers in the Chronicle and the pseudonyms on the other GINA are the same people. What the Guyanese people need to know is that there aren’t dozens of real persons sending in letters to the Chronicle praising the Government. It is a factory turning out pen-names by a small group of people. These people are PPP leaders, Ministers of the Government and information officers at the state agency, GINA. The strategy is to use a few hundred false names in the Chronicle so as to deceive people into think that there are citizens out there supporting the Government. When it comes to the discussion forum on the internet, it is the same group that operates the letter factory. At the end of the day then, all these viewpoints that are glowing tributes to Mr. Jagdeo are penned by the Government itself. I would like to think that by now, all the readers of the Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News know that it is just a few high-powered government officials that saturate the Chronicle’s letter pages. In relation to the discussion forum named GINA, it wouldn’t make sense for the PPP leaders to put their real names because the logic as it applies to the Chronicle would be the same – people would look at who the writers are and the second they see who the identities are, they wouldn’t read them."........... Freddie Kissoon

Gerhard Ramsaroop and Tarron Khemraj, both Stabroek News columnists are contributors to the very Blog Freddie alleges is being run by GINA.

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