Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Shanklands owner alleges harassment by traffic ranks

Stabroek News: A businessman who has invested millions of dollars in the economy is contemplating quashing his venture over what he describes as “constant harassment” by traffic ranks.

Chatterpaul Ramischand who recently brought Shanklands Resort on the Essequibo River and is currently building a fish processing plant at Friendship, East Bank Demerara says that in recent weeks he was harassed and in two instances detained for minor traffic offences. Traumatized is the word he used to describe his present state of mind and he plans to bring private criminal charges against the police for wrongful imprisonment.

The businessman during an interview with Stabroek News last week, called for the laws governing the powers of the police to be immediately reviewed since “the police’s behaviour has gotten out of hands”.

He said that with the current law, the police have been able to manipulate their powers for their own personal development.

Contacted on Tuesday Traffic Chief Neil Semple in an invited comment said that he is not aware of any reports by the businessman and urged him to go into him as soon as possible. He said that once this is done swift action will be taken as the traffic department does not condone such actions by its ranks.

“We would not condone these lawless tactics… Once he comes in to me, we will launch an investigation almost immediately. We have nothing to hide”, Semple said.

Recalling one of his experiences, Ramischand stated that about three weeks ago after visiting his resort he was stopped by a senior police officer (name given) at Leonora and asked for his licence.

According to him he explained to the officer that he has several vehicles and he had forgotten it in one of them. According to Ramischand, the officer said that the failure to present the document was a serious offence and that he would have to be arrested.

The businessman told this newspaper that he even explained to the officer that he had just invested close to US$1 million in the resort and could get one of his drivers to bring the licence which he had left in a Bobcat he had recently purchased.

He was released that night on $10, 000 station bail after his lawyer intervened but not before being slapped with a failure to present a licence charge.

De Parrot: Two Wrongs does not make a Right. Not because you are investing over 1 million dollars in Guyana, gives you the Right to drive, and not have your Driver’s license.You should be treated like anyone else.
Obey the law and all its provisions. It seems this man wants preferential treatment because of his investments. If he were in violation of the law it’s the duty of the policeman to lay charges. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of duty. Pay the fines and keep your nose clean. The arrogance of some people is without limits.


  1. This is a case where a man who believed that he was entitled to some sort of preferential treatment due to his US1 Million investment. This represents the mindset of some of these multimillionaires businessmen, the ought to know that there huge investments do not render them above the law. In fact they should be more cautious to abide by the law in such instances.

  2. Yea this is true cause businessmen tend 2 feel because of their invest into this country they have the right to do has they feel.