Friday, October 23, 2009

Corbin chose to shun the Hindu community of this nation. Yet he wonders why the average Indian Guyanese distrusts him.

Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin, was invited to participate in the function, named the “Rashtra Jyoti” (lighting of a symbolic national diya), held at the Promenade by the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC), and sponsored by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).

He never turned up. What a glorious opportunity he missed to bond with Guyanese of Indian descent, especially from the Hindu community. Robert Williams’ delivery touched the heart. The tranquil, beautiful ambience provided a perfect opportunity for a shared experience of camaraderie between Guyanese of every culture, because this holy festival of the Hindus was the perfect platform to promote healing of our national wounds.

Instead, Among many negatives, he has no magnanimity of spirit, so essential for bridging the divides in the nation.

But this ideal is certainly not on his agenda, as all his actions and his utterances have proven. The rare occasion he has reached out to the collective Indian community was palpably superficial, because he can only hold on to the remnants of his supporters by inciting hatred in their hearts – and supporting an Indian initiative; moreso a Hindu initiative, is not on his agenda, because he has to propitiate his support base – such as Kean Gibson, et al.

On the other hand, the leaders of three of the most powerful nations in the world have embraced the Hindu citizens of their land and their culture, because they are astute enough, and humane enough, to recognise that the universe is configured of a diversity of peoples and cultures, and in the unity and appreciation of that diversity lies the strength of their respective nations.

The respect they have accorded the Hindu communities of their respective countries should set an example for leaders in third-world states to follow, especially in places like Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana.

American President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, by their magnanimous actions in according respect to their Hindu citizens, have won the loyalty and respect – and the financial support and votes of their Hindu communities for all time to come.

They have not only lit their national diyas, but the light that will transform their nations into havens of cordiality and progressive actions.

Here in Guyana flames are being lit – at the Ministry of Health, with fire starters razing public structures, business and residential buildings in quick succession, leaving Guyanese entrepreneurs and their employees – some of whom are the supporters of the architects of the X-13 Plan and the “Slo’ fiah, mo fiah” strategies, bereft of jobs and agonized at the loss of the acquisitions after lifelong strivings and struggles.

Recently the Hindu community in Alexander Village, was able to celebrate Diwali for the first time in eleven years.

This community was a statistic in the campaign to derail the PPP-administration post-1997 elections, when PPP supporters were being robbed, assaulted, raped and slaughtered like animals in their homes and at places where they had to pursue their various activities. Police were also being targeted, with many policemen killed, even in police stations. Large sections of the city went up in flames as the Opposition succeeded in making the nation ungovernable, as they successful did in the 60’s to force a PPP-Government out of office.

The government was unable to protect its supporters, because it was powerless against the destructive forces, which was aided and abetted by the CARICOM bloc, which forced a truncation of the PPP administration.

When fire struck on Regent Street the first time those who know the history of this country know well who were the architects of this latest plan fostering mayhem and murder. Revelations of witnesses after the second Regent Street fire solidified this belief.

Adam Harris wrote that Indians see Roger Khan as their saviour and spoke of the division in this country; but the division is not of race against race. It is the division of the dark forces of evil as opposed to those who have provided some degree of protection for a helpless and vulnerable section of the Guyanese community – and criminals who discover the path of easy wealth-acquisition are like rabid animals that taste blood. They become ravenous, and then they do not care whose blood they consume, even if it is the blood of members of their own pack.

An opposition cabal that drapes the body of a notorious murderer and thief like Linden (Blackie) London with the National Flag would obviously see killers of innocent and helpless persons, once they further their cause and agenda, as “innocent young men.”

Today the flames of “slo’ fiah, mo fiah” are not only burning the hopes of PPP supporters to ashes, they are also consuming the dreams and aspirations of their own supporters.


  1. You can't blame the man, maybe he can't stand the stench of being around too many coolies. Y'all does give off some serious body odour when the curry start seeping through your pores.

  2. what a terrible politician he is