Friday, October 9, 2009

Where is Julius?

Julius is the lad alleged to have been involved in the, alleged, Kwame Mc Coy sex tape who is yet to surface despite calls and attempts to locate him by the police in an effort to have an investigation conducted into the matter.

All the more puzzling is his sudden disappearance despite assurances by the self-professed author of the tape Mark Benschop that the tape is real and Julius is prepared to offer evidence in any criminal proceedings.
When questioned recently about Julius' non-appearance Benschop suggested that it was as a result of fear and intimidation as the Police visited the home of some of his relatives in search of him.

However, in our view if Benschop was interested in having justice being served as are his claims, he would've gone the extra mile in ensuring Julius' surrender and with the issue being in the public domain via immense coverage by the media and Benschop's own shenanigans, it would prove very difficult for law enforcement officials to compromise the alleged victim.

His failure to make an appearance can also give credibility to Mc Coy's claims of the entire incident being a fabrication, so too can Benschop's admittance of being the architect of the tape, especially knowing his particular history with "tapes"!
On the other hand, a case can be made by Benschop and company that Julius' non-appearance to-date is as a result of fear, intimidation, stigma and negative public perceptions.
But the involvement of Kaieteur News, Evening News, Capitol News, Prime News, First Look News and Stabroek News in the dissemination of information related to the story has already rendered that argument null and void!


  1. Benschop has admitted to making the famous Julius Tape, for the sake of credibility he should reveal the individual to the public which lend some credibility to his concoction, as it is right now he has none.

  2. Julius nor his mother got the 300,000 that Benchop promised to fabricate the sex tape.
    I guess Benchop saving up all the organization funds fuh when he gan in jail fuh his scampishness...