Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glenn Lall, Adam Harris and Freddie Kissoon got some of the proceeds from Aleem Samad's visa racket!

Further to this this is one of the comments we received:

" Balwant Persaud, the Canadian Immigration Consultant is also suing Glen Lall and the Kaieteur News for G$30M for libel. Glen Lall and Adam Harris had a fallout sometime ago and they took their revenge on Balwant Persaud by slandering his name and took side with a criminal named Sheik Aleem Samad, who ripped off some people in a visa racket. Glenn Lall, Adam Harris and Freddie Kissoon got some of the proceeds from Aleem Samad visa racket. I know as I was a former employee of Kaieteur News.


  1. Glen lall like many of the anti PPP protagonists has a checkered life. His involvement in sveral high profile nefarious activities has been well documented, staring with his move from being a shoe vendor in Stabroek market to an unscrupulous multi billionaire businessman with a shady business connections.

  2. Glen Lall paid a black guy $200,000 to fire some bullets at the Guyana Times Manager's home, I think his name is some Ramnarine.
    Glenn Lall was annoyed when Guyana Times was launched. He is spreading the news all over Guyana when he is socialising that President Jagdeo is gay. He hates President Jagdeo and he is allowing Freddie Kissoon to hammer away at Jagdeo in the Kaieteur News.
    He wants to have sex with all teh girls at Kaieteur and when you refuse, he fires you, saying business is bad. Sarah Balgobin at KN would also fire the girls when Glenn finished with them. Sarah is his woman.
    Freddie is allowed to bring UG girls at Kaieteur to have sex after 7 p.m

  3. Glenn Lall should start putting his attention on the matter that Benas Foot wear is dealing with old stock that is harmful to our women in our country.

    Frequently visiting this foot store i have observed that the shoes they have for sale are of low standards and due to the long time they are in stock they are getting old and so is Bena.