Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Exactly is the Combined Opposition Hoping For?

Notwithstanding the fact that that hundreds of innocent men women and children were brutally murdered, raped and set alight, we are now once again hearing from the opposition parties that an enquiry must be held for those “innocent black men who were gunned down.”

It must first of all be made crystal clear that the opposition has used the race card (“black men”) once more to appeal to the masses who they believe will support this call. It is within this context we must comprehend that those who were neutralized were not Pastors, Pandits or Imaams. Most if not all of those “innocent black men” were criminals. Amazingly with them being neutralized crime was simultaneously dramatically reduced, and more alarmingly was the opposition’s call for an inquiry into their deaths. This could only lead one to conclude as has long been suspected that the opposition is bent on acquiring political office by any means necessary even if it means colluding with criminals to undermine the democratically elected government.

When Inspector Gadget, Ronald Waddell , Dale Moore, Shawn Brown et all were killed, no one cared how or why, in fact many were happy that they were no more a menace to society. Guyana had become a better place without them.

Now for the other side of the coin, if the opposition had called for an inquiry into the deaths of those police men who were brutally executed in the line of duty, the traffic cop at Regent and King Street comes to mind, then perhaps their current call would have been justified.

If they had requested an inquiry in to the deaths of the couple who was gunned down in Annanadale, or the father and son who shot in the backdam and the many more such examples then one would have understood that their current call falls within the context of comprehending what took place during that time.

This call for an inquiry is more so alarming since it wasn’t only “innocent black men” who were part of this notorious gang, they were Indians and Amerindians involved.
Such a call would suggest that these criminals were in fact strengthening the treasury of certain opposition parties and now that they have been neutralized, their treasury has also dried up, which leads me to ask again “What Exactly is the Combined Opposition Hoping For?”
Baldeo Mathura

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  1. These people time and again orchestrate riotous action that involves brutal assaults on innocent people were the ones who pushed a campaign of “slow-fire mo fire” and even,, encouraged murderous terrorism from gangs in Buxton village. They remained silent when folks were being raped and murdered at the instigation of Waddell and others but now that they are are no more they want an inquiry. What Hypocrisy.