Monday, October 19, 2009

Freddie admits being sexually assaulted!

Freddie Kissoon: Then one day, outside the British Council where now stands Oasis Café, Mr. Muniran embraced me and started to kiss me. I was angry and struck him in the face and broke his glasses. I regretted I did that but I felt he hurt my manhood.


  1. This would explain why Freddie is such a nut case. What happened in his young days has affected him in more ways than one, which manifests itself in his daily rantings. His writings reflect those of a deranged individual who has had a tough childhood suffering from sporadic bouts of assaults, sexual and otherwise.

  2. Kissoon only give half de story. He didn't break de man glass because of de kiss. Dat happen after de man tek he behind the British Council and bugger he fo more dan half hour. Kissoon batty bleed so much he frighten he muddah woulda see he bloody shorts and pants. Dat's why he slap de man and break de man glass.

  3. Did Freddie give deh man a lash off first to lubricate deh kack before he get deh buggering?