Friday, October 30, 2009

Its a FACT!

Guyana just topped the entire Caribbean in the CSEC Exams. Our students did better than any other Caribbean country. Over 30% of our students got five subjects with grades 1-3. In Barbados the comparable figure is 13%. In Jamaica it is 17%. 400 of our students passed ten subjects at one sitting. We got the best overall result – 14 grade ones. We got the prize for the best science student. We got the prize for the best business student. No other Caribbean country comes close to that.


  1. It was under the PNC ,because of serious mismanagement of the national economy, widespread corruption, anti-democratic policies and a wide range of social ills, education standards suffered drastically
    Having said that, Congratulations to the Students and to the Government of Guyana for strengthening the education system in this country, making it possible for Guyana to assume its rightful place as a Caribbean powerhouse.

  2. See the results, astonishing!!! That is where our stars go. One of the main focuses of our government is placing emphasis on the educational system of Guyana. Always seeking to promote the advancement of the curricula schools ought to assign and edify. We should look at these students as an investment of our country and support them. A Round of applause!!!!

  3. Guyana has been ranked highly with many things thought out the years, education being one of the Government's main priorities has been boosted significantly.

    According to Corbin we ain't getting enough electricity, well i guess it still doesn't disturb our children from succeeding.