Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Torture accused remanded to prison.

Police Officers Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai as they stood in the docks today.

Accused police torturers leave court chute and are placed in cell pending transfer to jail on remand until November 19

As they were being wisked away through the back door

Crowd at court

Bail was today refused for two police officers who are accused of dousing the pelvic area of a teenager with methylated spirits and setting it alight during the murder probe of a former deputy regional chairman. They were remanded to prison until November 19th.


  1. It is said that justice delayed is justice denied, the GOG has shown that it is committed to eliminating all threats that undermine a working democracy. This case is testimony to this fact.

  2. I know Freddie want talk bullshit about the democracy regime of Guyana in this torture case. But this time he can’t utter a word and if he does the people knows that the GOG is working by all means to prohibit these actions of torture to happen in the future. Therefore justice must take its place in the aspect as soon as possible.