Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Opposition spin doctors will be on full throttle today!

In light of what is clearly an orchestrated attempt to permeate fear on our society, and destabilize the current government I urge that we be on the lookout today for the opposition spin doctors, propagandists, apologists and surrogates in the media who will no doubt seek to discredit what ever leads investigators might have so far gotten or evidence that might emerge.

Already we have received reports that evidence so far implicate Mark Benschop. Today the opposition media will be on full throttle in an effort to deceive. The government will be accused of being behind the terror campaign in an effort to draw attention away from the torture issue.


  1. This is always the motive of the opposition, all they can do is put people lives in fear. It is clear that with this up roll at Brickdam Police Station, most would conclude that it is to draw away the attention from the torture case but who is to blame now, it is official that the Perpetrator behind this act of terrorization is no other than the criminal himself Mark Benschop…this man should not be roaming the place but be behind bars.

  2. I can bet you that the several anti Government media outfits will play down the gravity of these acts, some of them might attempt to put their spin on the story, which by the way they will be paid to do. The fact that all fingers are pointing to Benschop is not surprising, since he is among the most notorious agent provocateurs in this country.