Thursday, November 12, 2009

The LCDS critics proven wrong!

Here are some thoughts on the LCDS from well known personalities.

Sasenarine Singh- "After reading the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) document, I am satisfied that this idea will not fly…" (Staborek News July 30, 2009).

Christopher Ram – "Which fund did the money come from to pay McKinsey for its dazzling mathematics to show the worth of our forests?" (Stabroek News, July 26, 2009).

Raphael Trotman - "the President seemed to have greater interest in addressing matters outside Guyana than in his own country" (Stabroek News, October 9, 2009).

Today we know that all the critics have been proven wrong. The MOU between Guyana and Norway should put about US$250 million dollars into Guyana. The Agreement came about despite the harsh and unremitting criticisms of the Jagdeo administration and of the President himself.

It came about because of -

(1) the far-reaching and enlightened leadership of the Government and people of Norway;

(2) the silent majority who support the Jagdeo administration in this country; and

(3) the brilliant leadership of the President, his environmental and forestry teams, and his Cabinet.


  1. Well we have the proof of some of the critics, I wonder how these well known personalities feel that there words did not come to pass. Well I hope they have observed that our leader with a vision and his effective qualities as government has made this MOU agreement happened between Guyana and Norway possible. The LCDS will prevail no matter what you critics say….

  2. This isn’t new at all, when the PPP gained power in 1992 the PNC spoke publicly that the PPP would never make it!

    Well open up your eyes people, because they made it without the help of stealing, frauds, robbing, murdering etc unlike you guys.

    NB: - By the way Corbin the people want them tax money, guess its not the PPP alone feeling the burden that the PNC left huh???