Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Desmond Hoyte's 'Creature' attacks the Stabroek News Editor for doing his job.

This is an e-mail by Rickforde Burke (a creature of Desmond Hoyte) sent to Stabroek News Editor Anand Persaud after a letter sent to the news Paper by Burke was edited of its libelous content:

Dear Annand:

This is a personal note. I observed that Stabroek News yesterday published a cruelly edited version of my original letter in response to Dr. Manhendra Chand’s letter defending his disgraceful conduct in the jail examination of the 14 year boy who was tortured as well as his apparent cover-up of the torture of said child. In so doing, you could not have resisted exercising your editorial judgment in a manner that fosters ethnic “protectionism;” by editing out all aspects of my call for a criminal investigation of Dr. Chand, as well of all aspects that emphasized potential criminal culpability; thereby neutralizing its effect and substance. You willingly published Dr. Chand’s letter but knowingly curtail intelligent challenges to his contentions and questionable ethics. Your action in this regard is shameful and deserves strong condemnation. What in God’s name is wrong with Stabroek News publishing my call for the Guyana Medical Council and the DPP to investigate whether Dr. Chand’s conduct violated any law or ethics rule that warrants your censoring of my views on this serious matter? To be frank, I believe that you only did so to protect Dr. Chand because his name is “Chand.” As I see it, your perspective and track record suggest that anyone with a name like Persaud, Khan, Chand, etc., can violate the law and do whatever they want in the society and Stabroek News does not seriously hold them to account. Conversely, if a medical doctor by the last name of Burke, Hoyte, Green, Smith, Woolford, Holder etc., had acted in the exact suspect manner as Dr. Chand, I have no doubt that you and Stabroek News would have readily lynched him. I’m sorry if I sound too candid but I live in a sophisticated society in which there is freedom of expression, and where newspaper editors act with honor and not like snakes. They tell and seek the truth no matter what, and act with journalistic integrity to promote social justice and the rule of law. They do not beget ethnic protectionism. They dare not act to enable ethnocracy; ethnic dominance and encourage members of a certain ethnic collective to act above the law with impunity - a position that has seemingly become entrenched with your newspaper. It is time that you guys at Stabroek News begin to act with some decency and pursue justice for this child, regardless of the fact that his name is “Thomas.” He is a human being just like any Persaud, Khan or Singh. Your standard must be equal justice under the law for all regardless of race or class. If I sound frustrated, you better believe that I am of your sinister double standards which have helped to destroy the society. And I have no interest in “diplomatic speak” on matters of torture and other crimes against humanity.

Rickford Burke

Notice the arrogance and lack of respect shown by Burke as well as his subtle inference to race. This is precisely the type of leadership they present as alternatives to the PPP. Yet they growl when Indo-Guyanese refuse to endorse their candidacy.

The letter by Burke contained libelous statements. Burke wants to use Stabroek News to spew venom, libel and slander. He already has several avenues in HBTV 9, Benschop's site and Bajan Wordpress to do as such ..........

Mr Persaud has every right to protect his employers from legal actions that might have been instituted after publication of Burke's letter in its original form.

For that he has been given the racist tag by Burke, a racist himself.

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