Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just as I predicted, the opposition spin doctors, propagandists, apologists and surrogates in the media are on full throttle.

As I predicted yesterday, last night the opposition spin doctors, propagandists, apologists and surrogates in the media were on full throttle.

From Prime News, to Capitol News straight through to First Look News this morning, they were all in full swing. Spinning and spinning!

Nazima Ragubhir kicked the show off of course by insinuating that the attempted arson on the High Court was as a result of the presence of the Auditor General and his team.
This is despite the fact that the Auditor General himself stated that his work their was unhindered by the fire.

It's the same thing they did in the aftermath of the Ministry of Health arson.
They work with good co-ordination!
Mark Benschop, Rickford Burke, Juliet Holder-Allen, Norris Whitter and Lincoln Lewis recruit and provide the funding, Bage, a few remnants of the Buxton/Agricola gang and some new ones they were able to recruit carry out the acts and the rest is handled by Nazima, Adam, Gordon and Co.

Glen Lall is unable to see how they are prostituting his hatred for Bharrat.


  1. This is exactly what His Excellency spoke about when he referred to them as the new opposition, for their continuous support of criminals. They took offense at the President's comments but are yet to prove him wrong. This is another example of the media becoming part of the opposition once again.

  2. And you were so right with the prediction; these members of the media for years are known to be trouble makers and trouble makers and in time to come are deemed as criminals. Now we can have people like these bombarding the peace of the public, they should actually be restricted from certain happenings around Guyana because they obviously twist and turn the news there own way just to defy the government or they just too darn stupid to understand.

  3. As for Glen Lall he just to dame oblivious to figure anything out for himself. Idiot!!