Friday, November 6, 2009

Jagdeo produces a beauty to bowl Kaieteur News for duck!

At a press conference yesterday Kaieteur News reporter Gary Eleazar attempted to solicit an exclusive interview with the President who in turn retorted “No, because Kaieteur News is not interested in the truth most of the times, because you will distort what I say".

He also questioned why the Kaieteur News would want an exclusive interview when the questions could be dealt with at his press conferences.
“Why would I want to sit one-on-one when I can do something like this (have a press conference) and have all of the media here…and you go ahead and ask me all of the questions?”

He went on to say that, “On Lindo Creek, you said the security forces were just behind ‘Fine Man’ when they went into the Christmas Falls area…it was a lie.”
"Two days running you were giving a ball-by-ball commentary. The men were already back in the Ituni area…we knew it, we knew it was a lie.”

The President said that, “You published a whole range of issues about Lindo Creek, accusing the security forces… got the father of the guy who was killed…Arokium…most of it, in fact all of it is being substantiated now… I can name the cases.”

“You published a bridge; you put a bridge in the newspaper… you said we built with funds recently procured…It was built ten years ago…It was a lie.
All of these things and you never had the decency to correct these things…you are not interested in the truth… You are not interested in the truth…you take the high moral ground and then the paper doesn’t subscribe to it itself.”

He continued by saying, “And then you have ghost writers who can malign people…but they don’t have the courage…I would say something else… to put their names.”
“You have some really crazy people there too…I don’t want to mention who…but you know moralizing and stealing all the time…a convicted thief…writing everyday for your paper…a convicted thief and a self-confessed man kisser and you don’t see anything wrong…everyday.”

The President reiterated that, “I said before that I will defend Kaieteur News’ right to publish…I will always defend that because it is a free country and I believe in a free media, but that doesn’t mean that I agree to all the lies that you portray there…There are good articles in the newspapers and I am sure that you have decent writers and staff among you, but there are some who are hell bent on just creating confusion.”


  1. Just image the audacity of this jackass that wants to have a one to one sit with the President, ah hello! The President has more constructive things to do than listen to Kaieteur News Liars. This Press Conference is one to remember and laugh to have. Glen Lall is just oblivious and a nasty liar, well go figure that is what he instill in his workers to write a set of F**king lies, just misleading the public. But the President still concluded that they have good articles in the paper, on the other hand they just love to lie. I mean the president is not a one sided man with his belief in a free Media for them.

  2. Anti-man Jagdeo buizin again. Imagine a faggot got the nerve to call another man who got wife and child a man kisser

  3. i don't trust the KN reporters who knows if he was sent by Glenn Lall and Benchop to kill the President!! We can't underestimate those opposition people. Every right the President says would turn into a wrong and then edited to be more of a Glenn Lall interview than the President's.