Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Could the AFC/PNC/WPA have prevented this?

Can the PNC, AFC, WPA and others give us the citizens of Guyana a guarantee that were they in government rogue elements within the security services and other state agencies would not have taken it unto themselves to deviate from the standard operating procedures governing those institutions?

What actions would they have taken that has not been taken by the political directorate should such a situation occur under their watch, except for prostituting the issue for political mileage?

Don't tell me that accepting the security sector reform loan and all the conditions attached to it by the British would've prevented this!

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  1. I am sure under the PNC's watch this youngster would have died end of story. One would never heard about his parents or families. We are all too aware of the PNC's notorious past where families were permanently silenced. As for the AFC there are of no consequence they have to deal with their "peppa sauce" funding first before thinking about running for office in this country.