Thursday, November 19, 2009

Corbin's Diary is share skunt!

The dossier by the JOPP did not live up to the grand assurances by its authors, especially after all the promises of being in possession of tangible evidence to support allegations of human rights abuses against the list of persons it compiled.

· The dossier is a mere compilation of over 400 cases of deaths extracted from CNS 6 death announcement scripts and newspapers reports.

· The dossier contains a few cases of alleged torture, of which investigations were conducted that resulted in charges being laid against two prison officers and two police officers. It also includes policemen killed in confrontation with criminals and a few accident victims. Monica Reece was also included despite a lengthy police investigation into her death that later came to a standstill.

· The list of names dated during the period between 1993 and 1997 comprises persons whose deaths were subjected to inquests. Among those are Kwame George, Shawn Reynolds, Raymond Tute, Jermaine Wilkinson Shawn Hodge, Winston Hescott, Adam Hescott, Tommy Rodrigues, Eustace James, Allan Clarke, Kwesi Odinga Haynes, Eric Layne, Junior Holder, Linden ‘Blackie’ London and Victor Bourne Jr.

· Included also is an affidavit sworn to by self confessed death squad informant, George Bacchus who was deemed a non-credible witness by the Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigating allegations about the alleged involvement of former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj with a death squad. There is also video footage of Bacchus denying all the allegations he had earlier made against the then Minister.

· The document is even more questionable given its referral to one aspect of the testimony of a witness in the trial of the lawyer of U.S drug convict Roger Khan whilst completely ignoring others, including that of former PNCR 2001 Election candidate Ronald Waddell who was behind the operations of the Buxton/Agricola so-called ‘Freedom Fighters’ responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Guyanese of a particular ethnic grouping, many of whose names were contained in the said dossier.

It is therefore obvious that this document is intended to create confusion among Guyanese, spread mischief, peddle lies and misinformation and is being used for sensationalism.

The families who suffered the lost of their loved ones may be forced to endure a repeat of the agony associated with the suffering in light of this latest politicization of their loss.

The mockery becomes even more evident with the inclusion of the victims of horror at Agricloa, Lusignan and Bartica who were slaughtered by the opposition endorsed ‘Freedom Fighters’.

The dishonesty and inconsistent shifting of the goal post by Corbin and his allies is glaring as the terms of reference wobbled from a claim of human rights violations of extra judicial killings of ‘200 persons by Roger Khan’ to the killing of ‘200 Black men and now ‘449 killings between 1993 to 2009’.
The JOPP has only succeedded in meetings its first objective, that is, to present another opportunity for sensationalism in Guyana.

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  1. Corbin complied this sum of killings from his own personal records.

    Did he include the massacres that they were in charge of, Walter Rodney etc...