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Dossier released by opposition parties just a publicity blitz

Ronald Harsawack: The recent Dossier released by the Alliance for Change (AFC), Guyana Action Party (GAP), National Front Alliance (NFA), People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) that sought to give support and justify an International Inquiry is nothing more than a publicity blitz. The much hype and acclaim given to it by the authors is a mere sham. The authors (the Joint Opposition Political Parties) of the Dossier failed to provide, especially after all the promises of being in possession of tangible evidence to support allegations of human rights abuses against the list of persons it compiled.

The authors, in their bid to insult the intelligence of Guyanese and in particular, the families of the victims, that were slaughtered at the hands of the criminals, presents a report that paints a picture that all deaths and murders, whether natural or homicide was an act of the security forces or was sanctioned by the government.

This Dossier is nothing more than a collection of names of persons whom have died and some unsolved deaths during the course of 1993-2009.Names of persons that seem to have been extracted from death announcement scripts, news papers articles and notwithstanding their deliberate insertions of persons that died under natural causes. The dossier provided neither credible sources nor references to the causes of death of the listed persons. This campaign follows on the heels of the recent street protests where claims were made of human rights violations and extra-judicial killings of ‘200 persons by Roger Khan’ to the killing of ‘200 Black men and now ‘449 killings between 1993 to 2009’.

The recent “hot air” campaign by the opposition saw Guyanese being promised the much anticipated information, intelligence, evidence and eye witnesses that the PNCR had in their possession. This information was to have been made available to the public and police. It is important to note that to date only a list of names of persons that had died over the last few years was presented to the police. No intelligence, no evidence nor eyewitnesses were ever produced.

In the compilation of the Dossier the anti-government and tabloid style newspapers were used excessively in referencing the names of persons who had died. The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) has been quoted as an authority on pronouncing on the listed perceived violations. One needs to realise that the GHRA is heavily polarised and politicised as it was manifested in the many instances where they have publicly defended the rights of killers and chastised those members of the law enforcement agencies when they execute their lawful duties. We have even seen them call for the withdrawal of the sedition charge against Oliver Hinckson. We have also seen the scant and untimely condemnation, when innocent Guyanese are slaughtered by the organised terrorist.

The document made reference to alleged cases of torture, including the recent case of Tyron Thomas, who was detained in connection with murder. The government, from the President to the Minister of Home Affairs, has made it clear, that it does not or will never condone nor support torture. A massive inquiry has been launched into the malpractices of the police ranks. A detailed report is due to be released as I pen this letter.

There were other cases involving ranks from Prison Service, these officers were tried, found guilty and sentenced. All allegations of breaches of operational procedures are taking seriously by the joint services. Officers and Ranks are made accountable for any wrong doings they may commit.

In the Dossier appendix one gives a list of citizens “allegedly” shot to death and otherwise unlawfully killed by the “Black Clothes Squad” and some other rogue elements in the Police Force. Details were not mentioned surrounding the circumstances of the deaths.

What was not mentioned or noted in the Dossier was that the list of names dated during the period 1993 and 1997 comprises persons whose deaths were subjected to corners inquests. Among those are Kwame George, Shawn Reynolds, Raymond Tute, Jermaine Wilkinson Shawn Hodge, Winston Hescott, Adam Hescott, Tommy Rodrigues, Eustace James, Allan Clarke, Kwesi Odinga Haynes, Eric Layne, Junior Holder, Linden ‘Blackie’ London and Victor Bourne Jr.

Additionally mention was made of an affidavit sworn to by self confessed death squad informant, George Bacchus who was deemed a non-credible witness by the Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigating allegations about the alleged involvement of former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj with a death squad.

The document further lacks credibility with its referral to one aspect of the testimony of a witness, (a well a known criminal, turned state witness and now citizen of the United States of America) in the trial of the lawyer of U.S drug convict Roger Khan while completely ignoring others. Some of which included that of former PNCR 2001 Election candidate Ronald Waddell who was fingered in the operations of the Buxton/Agricola so-called ‘Freedom Fighters’ , who were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Guyanese men women and children of a particular ethnic grouping, many of whose names were contained in the said dossier.

If one takes 30 minutes to research the four hundred odd names, it is easy to see that the majority of persons listed were killed by criminals, while the others were the criminals that were killed, while they engaged the security forces during their apprehension, criminals that the PNC have openly chosen to glorify. A close examination of the names revealed the following:

1. Included in the Dossier are names of those wanted notorious criminals who had refused to be apprehended by the security forces, and had engaged the forces in a gun battle, resulting in them being shot and killed. Those exchanges saw civilians as well as police being seriously injured and killed. These criminals were responsible for scores of robberies, rapes, abductions, kidnappings, decapitations, arsons and the slaughter of innocent Guyanese. Some of the names mentioned in document include the following wanted and notorious criminals; however it failed to mention who were these men and how they met their demise. I took the liberty to list the details of a few:

a. Linden London aka “Blackie”, Wanted for a series of murders, robbery underarms, Was shot during a 11-hour confrontation with security forces

b. Kwame Pendleton and Compton Cambridge- Wanted for several murders and robberies under arms, including the murder of detective Harry Kooseram- Was killed in an exchange of gun fire with the police

c. Dale More, wanted for a series murders, robbery underarms, escape from lawful custody- Was killed during a shoot out with police.

d. Premkumar Sukraj aka “Inspector Gadget”, Romel Reman and Shawn Gittens all wanted for murders, including that of policemen, rape and robberies. Was killed in a shoot out with police.

e. Shawn Browne and Andrew Douglas -wanted for a series murders, robbery underarms, escape from lawful custody- Browne was killed during a shoot out with the joint services, Douglas was found dead in a car.

f. Gopaul Chowtie-wanted for a series of armed robberies- was killed in a shoot out with police during one of his attacks.

g. Troy Dick- wanted for a series of murders, robbery underarms, escape from lawful custody, was killed during a police shoot out

h. Rondell Rawlins aka “Fine Man”- wanted for s series of murders and robberies, was part of the notorious “Fine Man Gang” that slaughtered 34 Guyanese in three attacks.- Killed in a shoot out with the joint services.

i. Jermaine Charles aka “Skinny”- wanted for a series of murders and robberies, was part of the notorious “Fine Man Gang” that slaughtered 34 Guyanese in three attacks-He was killed in a shoot out with Joint Services.

j. James Gibson and Cliff Chichester- Part of an extensive pirate gang, wanted for murders and high seas piracy. Used weapons that were part of the GDF`s missing arsenal- were killed in a confrontation with Police in Corentyne.

k. Cecil Simeon Chung aka “Uncle Willie” , Otis Fifee aka “Mud Up” and Robin Julius Chung aka “Chung Boy”, -all wanted for a series of murders and robberies, was part of the notorious “Fine Man Gang” that slaughtered 34 Guyanese in three attacks-was killed in a shoot out with Joint Services.

l. David Leander aka “Biscuit”, -wanted for a series of murders, including that of a Minister of Government. Wanted for a series of robberies, Died in Hospital

2. Other names include the victims of the criminals mentioned above, these names included the thirteen that were slaughtered at Lusignan, Bartica, and the eight at Lindo Creek all killed by the notorious “Fine Man” Gang. Those killed at Agricola were also listed; victims of those who were murdered throughout the country by other gang members operating out of Buxton and other areas were mentioned. Victims of massacres at Nathoo’s bar, Minister Shaw and family, victims of Annandale, Non Pariel, and others were noted.

3. Numerous Police officers killed by the criminals operating from within Buxton and other areas were also mentioned, some such as Harry Koosarran, Feroze Bashier, Vibert Inniss, Troy Williams, Leon Fraser, Sherwin Alleyen, Andy Atwel, Adrian London, Leyland October, Ryan Thompson, Quincy James, Shemton Dodson, Rawle Thomas among others

4. Mention was also made of the members Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) as well as those members of the Security forces who were all executed, by the terrorists, during their failed bid to locate the school in the Corentyne at which the PPP held it congress. Persons such as Balram Khandi, Ramphal Paradat and Outar Kissoon.

5. It is important to note that thirty (30) “unknown persons” were listed. How can one present a case of a death allegedly caused by the Police or a “Phantom” body when neither an identification nor motive cannot be established much less a perpetrator. Then there were the ten (10) persons with only one name or only listed nicknames.

6. The list of names also included that of a woman, which is reportedly missing; who the Police believe has left the jurisdiction.

7. Then there is the case where Lt. Col D. Narine and Lt. Col. Tony Ross of the Guyana Defence Force were listed as extra judicial killings, when it is public knowledge that the two died of natural causes.

How much more sensational can the Joint opposition Parliamentary Parties get? Are they trying to tell us and the international community that the criminals have more rights than us law abiding citizens? Are they trying to use the demise of harden criminals to say that we have grave human rights issues. These are just a few questions one wonders after reading the JOPP Dossier.

If not enough it is incredible and unbelievable that the same authors and activists were mum during the reign of terror of the 2001 “freedom fighters”, the “Fine man” rampage and the continued politically motivated terrorist attacks.

I would hope that if a pre-1992 dossier is compiled, it mentions of the X-13 plan, the missing and unaccounted weapons loaned to the Ministry of National Mobilisation, the bombing of Freedom House and killing of Michael Forde, the murder of Vincent Teekah, Shirley Field Ridley, Father Darke, Dr. Walter Rodney, the race riots at Wismar and the hundreds of others that will killed during that period because of their political alignment.

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