Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Above normal rainfall cause minor flooding in some areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to alleviate the situation in Diamond/Grove areas following a flash flood that affected the communities on Saturday. The Ministry has deployed a mobile pump at the Diamond/Grove sluice and an excavator as directed by Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud following a visit he made to the areas on Saturday.
The pump at the sluice is in operation during the high tide periods.
Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), Lionel Wordsworth highlighted that the excavator is working to help improve the drainage systems in the areas. He said that while the Ministry is supporting the enhancement of drainage facilities to hasten relief to residents, the interlocking drains are the responsibility of the Regional Democratic Council and Neighbourhood Democratic Council.

The mobile pump deployed to carry out drainage
works at the Diamond/ Grove sluice in light of the
recent flood

He stated that two months ago the Ministry had dredging equipment operating in a number of outfalls in the district, and had it not been for that, the situation would have been difficult to control since the recent 5.7 inches of rainfall experienced is above normal.
Wordsworth indicated that the NDIA will soon be repairing the dam in Diamond.

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