Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shows on Guyana’s tourism to be aired on CBS and the ‘One Caribbean Weather’ channels.

A TEAM from the popular ‘One Caribbean Weather’ and WSEE TV, including weather forecaster Joey Stevens and his puppet parrot, Bob, arrived here yesterday to produce shows on Guyana’s tourism that will be aired on CBS and the ‘One Caribbean Weather’ channels.

They did an aerial shoot of Georgetown yesterday, and are to tour the city today as part of the one-week stay to produce two half-hour shows for a United States audience estimated at some 30 million.

GUYANA FORECAST: Joey Stevens and his puppet parrot Bob with THAG President Paul Stephenson, left, GTA Director Indranauth Haralsingh, right, and others at the airport welcome. (Nathalene De Freitas photo)
Visits to Kaieteur Falls, the Iwokrama Rainforest Centre, the Essequibo Islands and other parts of the country are on the schedule, officials said.

Mr. Stevens, WSEE’s Chief Forecaster, on the website, describes Guyana as “The Lungs of the World,” noting that it is doing great with a low-carbon development strategy, and that President Bharrat Jagdeo was recently conferred with the United Nations 2010 ‘Champion of the Earth’ award.

Stevens told reporters at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport that featuring a country on his weather show helps to boost its tourism sector, and give positive recognition to what tourists can expect when visiting.

What was important, he said, was that the rest of the world will be seeing what Guyana is all about and the One Caribbean Weather programme will put Guyana at the forefront so that others can experience its rich flavour and culture.

“We will be showing the world what is here in Guyana to entice them to visit and experience Guyana for themselves. I have been told that many people visit Guyana to see all the natural things here, like the waterfalls and rainforest. Guyana is different from the rest of the Caribbean with its natural beauty,” he noted.

Stevens, who has been honoured with numerous awards and citations, said one of the best compliments is that people love to see which country is being featured on the show. Read more...

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  1. Once again I must commend President Jagdeo for all that he has been doing for this country; recognition on the world map and all... Never the less, I must say that this magnitude of exposure would be a great pusher for Guyana's Tourism Industry through worldwide awareness. Many persons around the world do not know much of Guyana and as such in many instances place what Guyana is possessing in terms of Natural beauty and Resources, at a great disadvantage. However, such a gesture would be greatly beneficial to persons in and around the Tourism Industry and also generate macro and micro economic growth, providing there is the strategic marketing of these products and also a massive response from Tourists to behold for themselves what we have to offer. Indeed Guyana is a beautiful country and should be showcased to the world; hence, this would be done in a sustainable manner.