Thursday, July 1, 2010

A coalition will not prevail

CS Vaughn Maj (rtd): The recent successes of coalition political parties at national elections in Trinidad and Tobago, and to a lesser extent in Suriname and the United Kingdom, have given the opposition parties in Guyana the belief that the same thing can happen here, if they were to unite to contest the 2011 elections. It is not my intention to demolish their enthusiasm or crush their expectations, but the coalition will not prevail.

The difference between the electorate in those countries and ours is a question of animosity. Those parties in the aforementioned countries came together based on the belief that collectively, they were more capable of conducting the affairs of their respective countries than the incumbents were. The question of animosity, if any, towards their respective governments, did not play a part in their decision to form an alliance.

One thing that supposedly binds the Guyana opposition is the removal of the PPP/C from office, combined with an animosity towards everything they stand for. Listen carefully to the opposition; listen to the talk show hosts; read carefully the views of some of those, whose letters are published – the PPP/C is the enemy.

The opposition’s concept of the PPP/C is similar to that of Burnham’s views of the WPA. That party was seen as Public Enemy No 1. The PPP/C is in a similar position to the WPA, and the present thinking is the same. The animosity towards the PPP is such, that every project initiated by them is heavily criticized: a bridge across the river; a stadium; health centres; and even an award for roads relating to a hydroelectric project is challenged in the High Court – and the list goes on.

Within the AFC, some concerned members are against any coalition which includes the PNC. At Sophia, party members are demanding that Mr Robert Corbin be the coalition presidential candidate; the beginning of the end.

It is expected also, that the parties who intend to be part of the proposed coalition, will want their pound of flesh; nothing minuscule for them. This pursuit of a coalition is a last gasp effort to gain political power by a bunch of wannabees.


  1. The PPP/C Government is one of the best things that have happened to Guyana since coming into power. No matter what this Government do to improve the living standards and conditions for the citizens of this country, those on the opposition always hating and to the most delight they utilize it equally like any other citizen. The joining of these corrupt forces will only induce war and strife in this beautiful land of ours...Once again let me reiterate “A coalition will not prevail”.

  2. a coalition is just the opposition way of saying that they are not sure that they are able to run this country,the best thing for this country is the ppp the coalition must and will not prevail the ppp will have there third term in power