Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Burke tears into the AFC

Rickford Burke: In essence, it is apparent that the AFC intends to go it alone at the polls, as the existence of the lesser parties with whom it seems disposed to negotiate is purely theoretical. They are absent from reality and have no tangible impact on, or relevance to, national life. Further, some of the political, civil society, community, trade union, business and religious leaders with whom it proposes to forge its so-called alliance on an individual basis, have in the past either demonstrated no serious political will or subjected themselves to the influence and manipulation of one political ideology or another. So why must we take them seriously this time? This is the reality, and the people should not be deceived by fanciful diatribe and demagoguery.

Khemraj Ramjattan is a friend whom I respect. But I see no raison d’ĂȘtre in his “no coalition” position and am perplexed that that thinking contends. This is especially so because an analysis of the 2006 general election results will establish that Khemraj Ramjattan as a founding AFC principal had no “real” impact on the AFC vote. Based on traditional voting patterns, the AFC had no meaningful impact in the areas of the country that he perceivably could have influenced because of his personal qualities, orientation and prior political affiliation. The 2006 votes came from traditional PNC strongholds.


  1. "Always Full of Corruption"... The AFC is Not what one would term a "credible Party” or any other title in that realm... They have some serious issues to sort out amongst themselves and if they don't do it soon we might very well witness the first Party to self- destruct due to greed and conflicting motives… Everyone in the AFC cares about him/herself, which is certainly not a quality of a true leader…

  2. The AFC has to become a party that is too engrossed with self aggrandizement and this will become its downfall. The egoes of some in that party goes against the thinking of any coalition period. The AFC will go alone with the hope of becoming the ultimate winner though most of us know that this is unrealistic as it gets.