Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where was the U.S when innocent citizens were under siege from criminals?

Where was outgoing US Charge D’Affaires, Karen Williams when gunmen out of the Buxton/Agricola areas marauding under the label of 'African Resistance/Freedom Fighters' given to them by their political masters went on a rampage across several East Coast Villages, Bartica, Lusignan, Agricola and Lindo Creek killing hundreds of innocent citizens that included women and children?

Where was Karen Williams when policemen were the targets of these criminals and their political masters.

Where was she when a sense of fear permeated some sections of society while others were rendered hapless victims as those tasked with 'serving and protecting', as part of a wider political agenda, became complicit? Where was the US when innocent citizens were under siege?


  1. Thats a good question! The US are quite selective in their interventions in our country (up in we business all the blooming time)...They are well known for condemning and very judgemental of the operations and happenings of other coutries when there story is far as dirtier! "Clean yuh house before yuh guh tell u neighba she own duty"

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