Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here's an example of libel and slander that escaped the 'opportunistic' eyes of Kevin Etwaroo and Nigel Westmaas.

Under the caption "Is the DPP defending Phantom killers/drug lords and terrorists?" the following,, along with a picture of the Director of Public Prosecution, Mrs Shalimar Ali-Hack is currently posted on the, a website run and owned by Presidential hopeful, Mark Benschop:

"It's time that the US State Department investigate the fundings of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), this group is said to have protected terrorists, drug lords and other known criminals in Guyana. They are one of the most racist groups in Guyana that is being protected by King Kong Jagdeo and senior criminals within the Guyana Police Force. Is it therefore safe for people to conclude that the DPP is now acting as a proxy for the CIOG? After all, her husband is second in command."

See for yourselves here:


  1. I agree with everything in this post. I just want people to know that Adam Harris is a big-stupid-fucking-skunt.

  2. why not nominate him as SKUNT of the Week?

  3. Well is what the rass is this!!! Benschop them is some idle bitches yeah...This is the kind of ignorance he want to pour out into this country by wanting to be a Presidential hopeful? I beg to differ!! Benschop needs a nice cold cell with food once a day at Camp Street... When you play with fire, you're going to get burned!! "We goin deh rite ay fi hear d shout"!!

  4. Presidential hopeful? Who this cunumunu who dont know how to keep he woman from getting knocked up? And taking money from a serial rapist to fuck up the course of justice? If this fucking clown ever turn president I digging up all my ancestors grave and we leaving Guyana permanently.

  5. Dese ppl r fuh real? Deh rite fuh seh disrespect is ting dat duz grow…but hold an tho all a dem day cumin wen deh guh cyan run unda dem bed n hide from
    d law…N trust me it so close it rite up anda deh nose n dem ent knw it…dem feel comfortable in dem lil dark hole n feel dem cyan ge ketch… hmmm…wat a way!!