Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JOKE OF THE DAY: PNCR's 'unconstitutional' leadership calls the E.R.C an 'unconstitutional' body.

It's a shame that the PNC/R's 'unconstitutional' leadership criticized the government's reference to the Ethnic Relations Commission, of a spate of letters and commentaries carried in both the Stabroek and Kaieteur News which sought to foment racial hostility.
In a press release issued by the party the E.R.C was described an 'unconstitutional body' and its chairman accused of doing the government's bidding.

What makes it even more comical is the fact that this very PNC/R leadership which now labels the E.R.C an unconstitutional body was elected during a process described by Dr Richard Van West Charles as being "the worst electoral fraud in the party's history". Perhaps even more worse than what was perpetrated at the national level.

Dr Van West Charles described it as follows:

“At the Congress, we objected to the distribution of wads of delegate cards by supporters of Mr. Corbin, who, in turn, were giving the cards to ineligible persons. Our strenuous objections did not deter these persons, who were operating with impunity. In one instance, a newly elected CEC member from Canada was caught red-handed with a bag full of delegate cards. Accreditation officials refused to confiscate the cards. “We wish to place on the public record that there was a breakdown of the voting process.

The Returning Officer lost control of the process, and did not even establish the number of delegates present and entitled to vote.

There was no effort by the Returning Officer to ensure a meticulous check of delegates entering the Hall.

The roll call of delegates was so fast, that it resulted in mass entrance into the Hall. A number of persons not entitled to vote used this confusion to enter the Hall.

“Our accredited scrutineers were prevented from monitoring the roll call and entrance of delegates into the voting arena by Mr. Corbin aides.

“We are aware that scores of persons from Sophia, in Region No. Four, were bussed in to vote as delegates for another region. We also noted that the physical arrangements established for voting was not designed to prevent multiple voting. Hence, we affirm that there was massive multiple voting.
A number of prominent members of the newly-elected executive were integrally involved in multiple voting.”

Van West-Charles said that the entire process was fraudulent, from membership registration to voting

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  1. LMAO!!! And these are the same people (comical idots) that want to what? Run this country? HELL TO DA FRIKEN NOOOO!!! They would turn this beautiful country of ours as we know it into a “Nightmare on Elm Street”… If they can’t be honest at such a small level what about at at a National level with access to far more valuable resources and such? Oh judgement if dem fi b d leadaz fi dis country!!!