Monday, July 26, 2010

Ramjattan/Trotman indifferences result in AFC/PNC merger collapse

Just like the AFC platform did in 2006, AFC/PNC coalition talks collapsed after leaders of both parties were unable to settle their differences over various aspects of the intended merger.
We understand that as a pre-condition to any agreement the PNC leadership insisted that it maintains the supreme role in any partnership between itself and the AFC owing to the fact that it is the largest opposition party. Though this position found favour with Raphael Trotman, rival AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan disapproved and urged also that any agreement with the PNC be put in 'ink and paper' as according to him 'the PNC has a history of not keeping promises'.

Up to this point the two were unable to find agreement and in an effort to downplay the existing tensions within its leadership the AFC subsequently released a statement in which says that it "will not form alliances or partnerships with either the governing PPP/C or the main opposition PNCR for the 2011 general elections"

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  1. They are unbelievably ridiculous... These people really need to sort themselves out seriously...Is this how they are going to operate if the role of headship is to be bestowed upon them? No proper decisions being made? Selfish desires instead of the people? My goodness! Guyana would be in some somber "doo-doo" if this were so...