Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hammie's inept leadership, corruption & over staffing are the reasons for City Hall's current state.

City Mayor, Hamilton Green's attempts to convey the impression that the current crisis the Georgetown City Council finds itself in is as a result of the Government's deliberate withholding of funds and strangulation of every attempt to widen the city's revenue base is far from the truth.
Rather, it is Hammie's inept leadership combined with the fact that City Hall is overstaffed, plagued by corruption that runs from top to bottom and has a revenue collection process that is archaic at best and encourages theft, that has contributed to what has now become an endemic plaguing the city .
Just imagine City Hall has a wage bill of $75 million a month coupled with 900 employees! This makes the City Council the largest corporation in the city and more so-the largest corporation doing what?
We hardly see people in the streets cleaning and even those in the streets, they don’t have rakes, they don’t have shovels, they don’t have long boots, they don’t have protective clothing, nothing.

As for the Mayor's complaint that the government owes the Council money, which we learnt amounts to some $100 million; given that City Hall has a monthly wage bill of $75 million, this figure accounts for the City Council paying just one month’s wage.
Further, the money that the government owes is for an entire year and two payments have already been made.
The government also takes care of major services in the city such as sewerage, water, health, electricity and repairs to roads, while all the City Council has to do is clean the drains, pick up the garbage, look after the markets. So how is Hammie managing the city?
It seems that most of the money that is being collected from the people of Georgetown is being used to pay salaries and run the offices; nothing else. Instead of traveling the World Hamilton Green should settle down to manage the affairs of the City.


  1. It is in the interest of the Government of Guyana or any Government of any Nation to ensure that it's citizens remain healthy. If the city council and the government have some stupid problem, they need to wake up and see people falling sick with some kind of flu and maybe it's due to the garbage to be collected all over the place.

  2. This is so true...Hammie is a big failure and looking for all avenues to put the blame on someone else...something as simple as cleaning up the damn city and its environs he can’t on top of that it’s not like if he lacking staff, he overstaffed...he should lay off some of them people, stop travelling with the money in order to get the blasted work done!

  3. I live in New York and haven't been home to Guyana in 20 years and i still knew of the incompetence of Hamilton Green.I remember being at a party in Brooklyn several years ago and a bucket was being passed around to collect money for Hamilton Green who was at the party.He said the money was to be used for something they needed in Guyana i cannot remember what he said exactly but i had to ask myself why in the world he was here in New York when there was garbage all over the streets in Georgetown.Hamilton Green is an example of why things are so bad in Guyana.When you keep electing people who are incompetent,lazy and selfish to look after your interest you will always end up with excuses and negative results.I have ideas and a plan to improve the lives of everyone living in Guyana.In 4 years every Guyanese who wants a job will have one guaranteed and i will make Guyana one of the safest places in the world to live in.Road fatalities will be drastically reduced and the cost of living will actually go down.Stay tuned my fellow Guyanese.When i am ready to run for President i will reveal my identity and ask for your support.Until then God Bless Guyana.