Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stabroek News hard at work peddling AFC propaganda

Stabroek News AFC Mouth-piece: A leaders at a meeting at Freedom House last month as part of an arrangement that could see a deal with the pitch for a third term for President Bharrat Jagdeo was made to a small group of influential PPPPNCR for deeper inclusive governance.

Well-placed sources say that President Jagdeo was also at the meeting and the third term case was underpinned by the argument that there is international backing for him to remain in office to guide the implementation of projects crucial to the long-term economic development of Guyana.

Notice how hard the AFC mouth-piece is at work in creating a distraction for the party's own internal woes. This comes on the heels of revelations by the Chronicle and NCN of a tussle within the AFC after Trotman earlier refused to confirm to the party's leadership rotation policy. Trotman and the others were forced to call a last minute press conference and Ramjattan had to be given assurances as well as concessions before he attended in an effort to keep the party's support base in tact.

The smart folks in the AFC have now embarked on an outreach programme in an effort to regain lost ground and convince their supporters that the party's leadership remains united..............a lie! Trotman was recently lambasting Ramjattan's leadership credentials at a Florida group meeting along with Peter Ramsaroop who had openly chastised Ramjattan.

So, as a means of deflecting from their own woes..............the AFC mouthpiece has created a Jagdeo third term story despite the fact that he has said on more than one occasions that he's not interested in a third term.

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