Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SKUNT of the day!!!! Balwant the Bandit!

I could forge any document!

Top 10 Reasons why I should be SKUNT of the day

10. I’m so useless the PNC got rid of me

9. I lied to the Canadian government to get Asylum for Romel Jagroop

8. I won 2 out of 967 of my frivolous immigration cases

7. I extort money from poor people with visa promises

6. I rob students of their dreams and money with student visa promises

5. I rob Jaipaul Jaikarran 1.2M Dollars

4. I rob Nadira Mohan 1M Dollars

3. I’m a master forger I forged the acceptance letter of Humber College

2. I’m upset because my PPP friends turn their backs on me, when they found out I was a criminal.

1. If only I was smart as Winston, Ashni and Bharrat, I could have been a contender.


  1. Balwant Persaud is the same crook who rushes to defend shitface Freddie Kissoon at the drop of a dunce hat. Both of them are partners-in-crime -- thiefing lying sons of bitches.

  2. When is Jinnah Rahman aka Mike Rahman going to be SKUNT of the Day?

  3. Balwant Persaud is also an election rigger as he helped the PPP to rig the 1997 elections with his computer skills, using his two employees Benfield and Bart.

  4. Balwant persaud is a top crook,his head shoulda done gone to the gallows..

  5. cant wait for freddy kissoon to be skunt of the day too,