Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freddie Shit-soon, Adumbrated Jackass & KN prevented from spewing shit /miasmic mess by High Court

The Acting Chief Justice yesterday granted an interim injunction in favour of President Bharrat Jagdeo against KN columnist, Freddie Kissoon, its Editor-in-chief Adam Harris and the National Media and Publishing Company preventing them from publishing statements in an article written by Kissoon and published on June 28th 2010 under the caption “King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the conference" in which Kissoon falsely and maliciously wrote :

“…One of the greatest ironies in Guyanese history occurred in that room last Saturday. My paper was a comparative examination of the factor of race in the presidencies of Forbes Burnham, Cheddi and Janet Jagan, Desmond Hoyte and Bharrat Jagdeo. My conclusion is that the previous presidents except Hoyte played up to their ethnic constituencies but missing from their policies was any ingrained instinct of ideological racism. I posited that the difference with the Jagdeo presidency is that his exercise of power is driven by the practice of ideological racism.
How ironic was the moment in that room. My paper was on the anti-African racism of the ruling elites but those very elites sent six African Guyanese to disrupt a presentation based on an elaboration on how African Guyanese are being discriminated in their own country. The contempt for African Guyanese by an Indian racist regime has reached horrible levels. This cabal runs Guyana in favour of the East Indian population but uses their very victims to bolster their diminishing power base. Where else in the world would you find another manifestation of this particular political pathology?
The man who threw the filthy substance on me, which we have later found out led right back to King Kong was African. The men waiting in the car for him were African-Guyanese. The six persons who came to destroy the conference were African-Guyanese. The daily picketers outside Khemraj Ramjattan’s office no doubt sent by the ruling cabal were all African-Guyanese. No East Indian is seen doing dirty street work for the governing clique. All of the dirty foot soldiers are African-Guyanese. Is there an explanation? A racist, Indian oligarchy bent on pulverizing the African race in Guyana cannot find one, single Indian to recruit for goon service.
The answer is that the PPP doesn’t want to conscript Indians for terror duties. It is ideological racism at work. It is part of the Freudian desire to degrade African people.
Do you mean to tell me that Freedom House and the Office of the President could not have found at least one Indian to put them in that mob that was picketing Ramjattan’s office. Are Indians so angelic that you cannot locate at least one of them to go and break up a meeting? Do the Guyanese people here and abroad and those who are looking on as fascism in Guyana takes on macabre shapes not see we are witnessing the dehumanization of an entire race in Guyana? Isn’t it time African rights organizations confront this fascist version of a deadly racism never before seen in these parts of the world?

Which in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean:

  1. The President is racist, and by extension the State and Government of Guyana, practices racism as an ideology, dogma, philosophy and policy.
  2. That the President and, by extension, the State and Government of Guyana, discriminates against Afro-Guyanese on the basis of their race and ethnicity.
  3. That the President and, by extension, the State and Government of Guyana, have an institutionalized policy to degrade, de-humanize and pulverize Guyanese of African descent.
  4. That the President and by extension, the State and Government of Guyana, routinely act in contravention of Article 149 of the Constitution which guarantees to all citizens of this country protection from racial discrimination as a fundamental right and freedom.
  5. That the President and by extension, the State and Government of Guyana, use unconstitutional and unlawful methods including, thuggery, force and intimidation, to silence critics and that we contravene the fundamental right and freedom of citizens of Guyana to express, communicate and disseminate their views and opinions as guaranteed by Article 146 of the Constitution of Guyana and are guilty of a criminal offence.
  6. That the President is guilty of violating the Constitution of Guyana and therefore liable to be removed from office under Article 180 of the Constitution.
  7. That the President is unfit to hold the high Constitutional offices of the Executive President, the Constitutional Head of State, Head of Government, the Supreme Executive Authority and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The President is also claiming exemplary damages as well as damages in excess of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) for libel


  1. freddy shits soon should go fuk himself. Being an "ashamed indian" and writing such things about the african people. I think that just represents what ideology Freddie Kissoon has in his mind for the african population of guyana and by extention the entire population of Guyana. If he does'nt respect the seat of a democratically elected government then he is no patriotic guyanese as he claims to be. Freddie kissoon does not exemplify the qualities of a human being and he speaks of human rights all the time in his columns. His blatant disregard for the guyanese people should be met with a strong reply from the people, that we the people of guyana do not like to be degraded by a poser pushing his political propaganda who still has the audacity to claim to be an impartial individual. The guyanese people should bycott freddie kissoon and the kaieteur news for their spreading of racial propaganda and mixing politics with race.His knack for bending the truth has lead to him dragging the african people through his dirty shit covered streets. Where is ACDA?, Where is the ERC?. Why don't anyone speak up? Or will they just watch us get degraded and spit on by an asshole of the highest degree. We the people of guyana should stand up against such assholes who wants to lead us back to the darks ages of our history. Please stand up against such treachery and recognise our future is bright and the future of our children are bright so lets not make the mistakes some of our forefathers made. OOnce again freddie go fuk ur self...

  2. Finallly,it serve dem rite!!! hahah!!! its about time these asses get silenced...dem duz ova do...u knw wa deh seh " lil bai bicycle nah get breaks"!!