Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kaieteur News an annoyance to decency.

Roshan Khan: I WISH to state that as one trying hard to live a life always within the law, and all aspects of the law, inclusive of GRA and NIS expectations, I always find it distasteful how the Kaieteur News carries one-sided articles against people, merely as allegations, without a proper investigation or seeking the opinion of the other side. Then, when talking of the President, while one has a right to disagree, to use nasty and distasteful language to describe the President of a nation, makes that publication bereft of protocol, and becomes an annoyance to decency.

This writer also had to file a lawsuit against the Editor and Publisher of this Vindictive Broadsheet, which is more like an anti-governmental publication based on allegations and innuendo. While I cannot discuss the matter at this forum due to the “archaic sub-judice’ provision of law (which I think needs to be eliminated in modern civilization), the fact remains that, despite this writer asked the editor for an opportunity to rebut the article of nonsensical and baseless allegation, which included character assassination - even the publisher was written to by someone known to him for years, and he refused because of some historical unintelligible reason, according to the editor, who spoke for him.

When one publishes a national newspaper, or owns an electronic media, one has responsibilities to the nation for not merely being an attacker and anti-government protagonist, and this alludes to any government, but to be precise, professional, fair, and to listen to the other side. Failing which it becomes allegations and tantamount to character assassination.

For too long Freddie, using this last media house, and is probably tolerated because of his mental shenanigans, and hate of the Government - and if it is not by rational citizens, he has been ‘anti-any government because, even though he says he loved the WPA, he is anti-WPA it appears, and like the Government, any Government, to make him their President’s President, as he tries to dictate the system of Governance for the Government in power, the system of the United nations, the system of God; and the Police Commissioner must make him his Commissioner as he also wishes to dictate to the Commissioner how he should work.

The only person he is wary of offending is Glen Lall, and he is condemned to toe the line there, because if he causes offence to the man who pays his way he will have to WALK. And seeing the way he has become persona non-grata for almost all of the print and electronic media, he would have no other means of bashing all and sundry. He wants to dictate to the Government of the USA HOW THEY MUST BRING DOWN THE Guyana Government.

Mr. President, sue!!!!, and sue again, and again, and again and again, over and over. This is probably the right medicine. Lawsuits, over and over!!!

While I have no political alliance, I have friends almost everywhere, but whichever the political camp, I always prefer excellent decorum and respect, with political campaigns being orderly, and respectful of the opposing teams, those in and out of power. This is why I never took an open political choice

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