Saturday, July 17, 2010

Propaganda Press and Benschop's website should also be censored.

Brian Azore: PLEASE allow me the space and time to respond to Kevin Etwaroo’s missive captioned “Web site malicious and libelous” published in the Kaieteur News on July 16, 2010.
Mr. Etwaroo’s call for the blogsite to be deleted and removed from the webpage run by Google is understandable, given that his justification for such an action is its alleged publication of libelous and slanderous material.
But such a call should also be extended to the other blogsites which carry out similar actions.
Notable among these is the, a site run by Presidential hopeful Mark Benschop. On a daily basis anti-government propaganda, slander and libelous material targeting the Commissioner of Police, President, various government ministers as well as persons connected to the ruling PPP/C, is dished out in this site. In one instance the response of officials to the death of T.S.U rank Vickram Singh was used to incite racial hostility. Another one that comes to mind is, the content of which I will not reprint in this letter.
Where was Kevin Etwaroo when internet users had to endure the putrid and often scandalous outpourings on livinguyana.blogspot, another ‘malicious and libelous’ blogsite allegedly run by persons connected to the opposition media as well as the proprietor of a well known café?


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  2. Etwaroo is a big bugga batty harry...he is anoda one a dem uneducated asses dat ent get nutinn fo do more dan write a set shit in "LIE FO SURE" (Kaieteur) and dem lyk a skunt suh dem duz publish dem ignorance fus word! Is tru bout dem tingz wa benschop site duz get,i av neva seen a mo disrepectful and lawless site lyka duh...suh if any site waz to be deleted guyanaobservernews shud be da fuss! Ca is bear portion rass duz be on da site!

  3. Many times I’m left in awe at the degree of lawlessness and lies on Benschop website…I even question if he is a Guyanese at times...If that site cannot be monitored in a more decent manner it should be inevitable that it is deleted…