Friday, July 2, 2010

Cocaine Vic and Cocaine Nigel are no pagans of virtue.

Sharma's cocaine Lawyers launched a scathing attack on liveinguyana and not surprisingly they linked us to some senior government official............its not that we mind the label........but it just exposes the hypocrisy of these suit and tie criminals.

As long as you're not following the opposition line..........then you have to be with the government.......For years now they have been linking us to the PPP and government..........they even allege that Kwame Mc Coy is behind this blog...........But we don't mind the labels.........We take comfort from the fact that we're actually getting to their heads.

Usually we allow their stupidity to get the better of them..........but on this instance..........Cocaine Nigel went a bit too far.

Cocaine Nigel and the racist Vic Puran, of all the people, should not cast false aspersions on us.
Cocaine Nigel has a long history of success when it comes to representing drug too does Vic Puran. They usually employ very unorthodox methods such as bribery, coercion, intimidation, stealing of vital court documents and the disappearance of key witnesses.
Vic was Roger Khan's lawyer and a close examination of his work will reveal that he only takes up drug related cases. Nigel is very similar...........Roger Khan's wife 'Blondie' shot and killed Kenrick Nero outside Palm Court..........Cocaine Nigel facilitated the bribery of a police witness who suddenly claimed amnesia during his testimony. This led to the dismissal of the case against 'Blondie'.
Cocaine Nigel is also Brammanand "Brammo" Nandalall's Lawyer and shares a very close relationship with him. His wife uses this friendship to obtain resources on the AFC's behalf.

When Vic Puran's home was recently broken into........he armed himself along with 'Chief Mike', (Clayton Huston's right hand man ) and went after the perpetrators. He stomped on the food of a vagrant who merely found some of his clothing on the road and also repeatedly kicked the other whilst calling him a 'black dog'.


  1. Vic Puran also buys stolen articles

  2. Isn't it amazing how these folks are silly and two mouthed?

    Nigel likes to represent drug dealers. You guys need to expose them more. Keep up the good work.

  3. Since James Singh became the head of CANU, several illegal and corrupt practices were seen and done by queen james himself.
    Just to mention a few crimes committed by james singh as head of CANU. To begin with, he collected large sum of money [$2700+US] from Dennis Edwards aka Death, then he cause the raid team to withdraw from his cousin Raymond house at Laluni Street Queenstown. He and Raymond rob Azad Bacchus aka black Salim a quantity of cocaine. james girvan singh also went on the East Coast Demerara and collected a large sum of money but did not share it with his bodyguards’ two CANU officers that were there with him in a heavily tinted vehicle.

    Raymond declared publicly that once his cousin James Girvan Singh remains as Head of CANU he has nothing to be afraid of moving cociane in Guyana. He collected 20 million from a custom broker from the East Coast Demerara to purchase a trawler but instead, he took the money and purchases the asset of the convicted drugs dealer Sauce.

    Most Friday night James Singh and his drugs friends can be seen at clubs partying around Georgetown. this gang includes some CANU officers who joined the unit under his leadership of this cocaine thief named james girvan singh. these officers hanging with queen james are the same set doing his dirty business. These officers read more

  4. Is a set of idle speculations passing with these fools as always…
    Vic Puran, Lawyer – lifelong member of the Guyana East Indian Cocaine Apologist Council and Nigel Hughes – one who couldn’t resist the lure of cocaine dollars, defended Roger Khan’s baby mamma Blondie who is now free to kill again thanks to Nigel.
    These "suit and tie criminals" are some of the most treacherous people in this country. It's a sad affair the lengths these men go to satisfy their greed. And it is no surprise that the Always Full of Corruption (AFC) Party is the shadows of these operations....

  5. This revelation about Vic is rather intersting, however Nigel's own isn't. He has long been associated with handling sensitive cases for known drug lords and the evidence in the photo above speaks volumes about Nigel's relationship with the drug lords and more specifically the AFC'S

  6. you indian guys need a life.

  7. Anyone see Dennis Edwards lately? Word is he is snitching on people all over.