Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Benschop, Shit-soon and others should organize protest against policeman's murder by bandits .

On Saturday July 03 Kaieteur News reported that a group of Guyanese protested the day before outside Guyana High Commission at Bayswater in Central London against human rights violations in Guyana. With the protesters shouting “Stop human rights violations in Guyana.” “Justice for Kelvin and “PPP, racist government.”
According to the KN, the organisers of the protest, Mr. Norman Browne and Dr Michelle Asantewa, in a written statement said that Guyana is now effectively a police state in which the police are now empowered by a shoot to kill policy.
On the night of the very day the protest by Browne, Asantewa and others took place, TSU rank Vickram Singh was shot and killed by bandits while performing duty as a sentry at the entrance of the Joint Services Housing SchemeI in Lamaha Springs. It is our hope that these same leaders, Norman Browne and Michelle Asantewa who led and organized the protest and their protesters go right back to that very place and once again shout to the top of their lungs with the same amount of vehemency about the young Police officer's murder at the hands of bandits.
We also make a similar call to the unusually silent but normally vociferous few who prounce on any opportunity to make public spectacles of themselves. Further, we urge Freddie Shit-soon and Mark Benschop to organize a protest similar to the one they organized when Kelvin Fraser was shot by a policeman. Such a protest should also be given front page coverage by both local 'independent' dailies.

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  1. Regarding the request from this article would be one that the public and the media are longing to unfold. Freddie Shit-soon and bugger battie Benschop would never come to terms and protest for this young man that was performing his duty, when his life was snatched from, this is definitely is off their agenda, why? Because they consider discriminating against members in the PPP party who put their soul into their jobs, hence the racial factors these clowns put into their protest would not do any good and has never done good so far