Thursday, July 1, 2010

HAUL ALYUH SKUNT bout protecting the identity of the victim!

We received copies of statements by the victims in the CN Sharma rape case like all the other media houses. While the source remained anonymous and questionable, what was important to us was the horror detailed by the 13 year old victim and her siblings, as such, we thought that it should be brought to the attention of the public through our forum.

Citizens of this country ought to be able to scrutinize those who profess to be pagans of virtue whilst bringing those who govern under scrutiny and this is solely the reason behind our publication of the statement. However, we have managed to attract the wrath of segments of the opposition controlled media who conveniently point out that the identity of the victim must be protected.

This particular display of double standard is not unusual from Julia Johnson, Adam Harris, Enrico Woolford, Gordon Moseley, Nazima Ragubhir et they all have their particular Opposition agendas to further.
But when a young lady came forward with allegations of spying against AFC CEO Peter Ramsaroop, none, i mean absolutely none, of them sought to protect the identity of the victim.
They simply placed the 19 year old on the alter of public scrutiny and crucified her..........character and all. The other shit-faced one ..............even went as far as fabricating stories about the young woman whilst forgetting his daughter prefers girls over boys............

So.......... Julia Johnson, Adam Harris, Enrico Woolford, Gordon Moseley, Nazima Ragubhir et al.......HAUL ALYUH SKUNT bout protecting the identity of the victim!


  1. Good work on this site. Keep it up, expose the corrupt mother fuckers.
    Freddie Kissoon, Glen Lall, Adam Harris, Mark Bneschop, are all cock suckers.
    They envy Kwame Mc Coy because they cannot get Kwame.
    Sharma should be jailed for life.

  2. True true!! “Talk di tings dem!” They conveniently know what is right from wrong... The fact of the matter is Sharma is a big Molester and he should be exposed for who he really is... Let Justice be served!!!

  3. The JAGEO ANTI- MEN are at it again. More than half of cabinet are bugger men and so is Shariff Khan and Randy Persaud - so why dont you fucking expose that - you mother-fuckers. Kwame is an anti-man of the highest order.

    I agree - CN Sharma is a racist scunt hole who must be jailed for fucking lil gal. Who will cry for his thiefing son and his wife - both stinking thieves. I got some juicy stuff about DONALD RAMOUTAR - he stole money from GIMPEX and Janet brought him to FREEDOM HOUSE. You all must ask him - the fucker want to become President - there is nuff more to come - wait !!!!!!!!

  4. hmm.. anon #3 u seem to kno alot bout these things by chance were you involved in any of the buggery that ws taking place... haha.. assuming from the nature of those things you have 2 be there 2 make such statements with such conviction. hey im jus an observer..

  5. i love this website and thank the writer for exposing these posers.