Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost daily government agencies & officials are forced to respond to miasmic mess from the Kaieteur News New Nation

For this week alone i've counted at least 8 times state agencies have been forced to take time off from serious business to respond to SKUNT carried by Kaieteur News New Nation.

And for those who don't know or can't remember what the PNC news paper looks Kaieteur News!

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  1. Why do you a PPP\C Supporter have to reduce your self to these of indecent guestures. Is this the image you would like the public to see of the PPP\C wow this is very educated of you people. I know most likely you wouldnt approve this post since you wouldnt want some thing against your core beliefs to appear on your site but if this site does begin to appear like educated people are running it. then i am convinced that this country that has great ability would never improve. The PPP\C needs to stop looking bacward at was done in the 60's - 90's and move on. Thats all i hear as a youngster. That era has gone most of those leaders are dead from that era. And when ever the Gov do something they act like its a gift that they give us. News Flash thats what you are there for. that is ur job. thats as stupid as a father saying he takes care of his child. thats what he is supposed to do. i look at this country and see so much potiential and not being achievied. comon do you expect to be in office forever. Ne ways i know this post would never be approved so i am not gonna waste ne more of my time